Thursday, June 14, 2007

VOICE Enhancement

I have just copied this one from one of the forum of bukaspalad online. It talks about Voice enhancement...

may i suggest to include on the workshop the VOCAL PROJECTION-this is a step by step management from the inhalation process to the budegetting of the air and focusing the exact air pressure needed during singing application.

Remember to get the voice not from the throat but from the tummy vocal placement. Breath support must always be ahead of your voice..

Inititiate the exercise by doing first the lessons on deep beathing technique and then connect the application of the air with the sound produce a beautiful tone.

to add more, include on syllabus THE MOUTHFUL OF VOWELS- In singing, vowels and consonants play an important role.For you to sing good you must focus and give more importance in identifying the vowels rather than the consonants. Vowels are the emotional expression of the song. Consonants are the intellectual expression of the song.

There are five PURE VOWEL SOUNDS, namely:

"a", "e", "i", "o", "u"
love let live gold moon

1. In singing the song you have to feel the vowels formed in your mouth.

VOWEL "a"- is formed with the mouth by dropping the jaw down and towards the throat, it has to have a 2-3 finger distance between the upper and lower teeth.

VOWEL "e"- is formed with a smiling face, the lips are widening side by side and the jaw should also be dropping down with 2 finger distance between the teeth.

VOWEL "i" - is formed with a smiling face also but with an inch distance between the teeth.

VOWEL "o" - is formed with the shaping "o" with your lips and the distance between the two teeth should at least be 2-3 finger distance.

VOWEL "u" - is formed by the puckering of your lips or feels like you are blowing a candle.

2. In singing the phrases you have to connect the vowels and go through the consonants as fast as you can. And the vowel when produced will normally open the pathway of sound.

3. make sure that before you sing the lyrics of a phrase or syllable, the mouth opening should be prepared first.

hope this helps to every musicians out there....!!!

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