Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have joined the Himig Singers

Last week I join the audition of Himig Singers together with my girlfriend and our co-choir member in Redemptorist church. We found it hard in the audition phase, as well as their rehearsals.
Currently we are in our two weeks of practice as trainee and we already got more or less 10 songs. Its a good experience actually. I've met another group of people and tried to join them. Well, their not really hard to be with.
Now, it's harder to manage my time. It's more difficult to balance everything that is attached within me: my studies, church, the choir that I organize, and the other which I considered expert choir.
It's harder, but its more of fun. haha...
Anyway, I'll post some other details, maybe on my other blogs, or perhaps here.
Well, I don't know. It depends. :)) .
Ok see yah!

Monday, September 22, 2008

If only

If only I had
the power
to turn
back time...

If only
I could read
your mind...

astig dba?!

tas kabalo pajud
ko mulupad!
Power power dayon!

togzshing.. uh!

What If

What if, you have a
wooden car..

wid wooden

wooden chair

nd a

wooden key..






it wooden start! HA! (-_-) haha!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pasko Pinoy Medley by Hangad

Here is one of my favorite song from the new album of Hangad (A Wish for Christmas). It's a mixed of samba, slow rock and jazz. Well, hope you'll like it too. A new version of Philippine's Christmas Caroling songs.
Here it is:

Love it! I love the beat. ^_^

Child Emmanuel by Hangad

A very inspiring song from the new album(A Wish for Christmas) of Hangad. This song is entitled Child Emmanuel. You'll be very inspired every time you listen to this song. It was intended for Christmas season. I love the song so much. I'll practice it with my choir this Sunday! yeah!
Here is it:


Teacher STudent Joke!

Tcher: Anu ang
ating pmbansang
hyop?Nagccmula s
letr K!

Stdent: KUTO?

T: Mali, ngt2pos s
letr W!


T:Mali, my sungay



wahaha.... huhuhu... corny # 1 diay ni. hehe...