Friday, August 15, 2008

GPS Insight vehicle tracking system: Why is it necessary?

Have you watched Hollywood films like James Bond Movies, Batman, Mission Impossible and other high-tech actions stake’s ride that have never been higher with more breathtaking races? I’m talking about the vehicles that they are using with tracking system to present a pulse-pounding thrill chases. This is simply like the use of GPS Insight vehicle tracking system that is within our reach.

GPS Insight is a hardware and web software-based vehicle tracking product which is the technical leader in the GPS tracking field. The GPS Insight is easy to install, it plugs directly into the vehicles diagnostics port. This tracking product mainly provides many benefits and advantages to service and trucking companies, e.g. HVAC, roofing, plumbing, construction, sales forces, delivery vehicles, long haul trucking, etc.

So if you would ask why this is absolutely necessary? It’s simply because they only cost $1.50-2 per day per vehicle. Also, there are many industries that they can serve, and countless ways in which GPS Insight will help the users to become more efficient, identify waste, and save money overall. They will definitely give the company's management the ability to report on activity detail, fuel consumption, landmark activity, odd hours, speed violations, vehicle performance (trouble codes), geofence violation, and many others. GPS Insights provides a 30 day money back guarantee, and offers free trials for qualified party. Plus, they do not bind the company with long contracts, either. Their tracking devices would take only minutes to install, and then will be ship on the same day that the order is received. The company will be tracking their fleet in days, not by weeks or by months. Isn’t it satisfying?

Furthermore, they offer specialized enhancements for exact industry and fleet needs. Such as routing optimization and navigation integration, state mileage reporting, cell phone integration and mapping customized alerts, emailed reports, and integration services.

Most significantly, their product develops at a very rapid rate and they take input and advice from their customers and add capabilities, functions, and completely new areas on the site on a regular basis. All of these requests and enhancements, combined with the best in recent technology and mapping, are what makes the product stand out among the others. What’s more, to assure better and vital information the GPS Insight supports wiki for customers.

GPS Insights is also very convenient for their services includes same-day-shipping, and they have the only product which gets direct engine diagnostics such as fault codes, speed, fuel consumption, odometer readings, idle time, etc. Besides, their product gives 2 minute updates with VERY high end map options and customizations.

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Just try this out and wait till you see the difference in both product and support. For further views, just check out at the Blog for GPS vehicle tracking.

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