Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Its been a long time.

Hello everyone! its been a long time since I last post my personal topics here. Well anyway, I've been busy in finishing my project in SAD subject, its for our final thesis. Anyway our thesis is creating a Collaboration System suitable for Outsourcing companies. It's purpose is to collaborate the developer, customer and the project manager for the development of their project. With this system, the customer can trace the progress of his project. Every data with concern of the project to be developed is discussed in our system, so all the data are centralized.
The reason why we develope this kind of system is because we found out that their collaboration media is through by email, and we saw it as a problem. Perhaps some of you guys don't realize that it is really a problem.
The problem with email is that all data are not centralized. According to our SAD subject, one concept for having a successful project developement is to keep your place in order and clean. Well, that includes the storage system for all the communication between the concerned individual of the project.


pau said...

so basically your thesis would be something basecamp alike?

franzBiely said...

Yes! absolutely its like basecamp. But not realy same as basecamp, well we got only few of ajax in our thesis.