Sunday, December 14, 2008

A liflock review I had read

Good morning everyone. I’m currently in school now using our internet in our laboratory class. Anyway, yesterday, I was so bored until I happen to surf the internet. Read blogs, jump from page to page to search for new and interesting things.

One of the interesting sites that I found out is the lifelock review an article from a blog entitled “Library of Congress executive plunders employee data for ID theft”.

The suspect was William Sinclair an employer, a personal executive of Library of Congress. Well, according to the blog, ‘if your unfortunate enough!’.

He was charged for using the library’s payroll records to steal at least 10 employees’ identities. Sinclair together with his cousin Labiska Gibbs went shopping after Gibbs used it to obtain credit cards from the employee’s identity.

If you’re insecure for this situation, there is no need to worry, lifelock is the answer. Lifelock offers Identity security program which helps you’re identity protected as well as you’re money. According to the lifelock reviews I had read, ‘Your personal information lives a life of its own in hundreds of databases. Schools, employers, creditors, health-care providers, hospitals, marketers, cities, counties, states, nations—they all have your information’. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and protect your idendity!

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