Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gamblers or Just Risk-takers

Many of us don’t know what the difference between gamblers and risk-takers is. When can we say that we are lucky? There are my instances that we got to have a choice. Are we gamblers? Or are we just taking the risk? When we buy stocks? When we have to change jobs? When we decide to get married? When we bet in casinos or online casino? Are we ready to face the challenges of what will happen next?

We need to be careful in every decision. There should be a need to be apparent and paying attention in our actions. Every option, including the choice to do nothing, involves some sort of risk. A gamble has a towering chance of loss. A calculated risk has much higher chance of an optimistic result. Knowing the divergence is essential to our success.

A gambler looks for excitement and jeopardy. Sometimes he will risk further than he can afford to lose. He acts on hasty decisions and becomes naive of unconscious motivations. That person lacks discipline and invests on wishful fantasy rather than recognizes reality. When that person is losing, he will obtain more and bigger risks just to catch up. And of course, he looks for the one big win that will result I in ecstasy.

Calculated Risk Taker always takes responsibility for results. He acknowledges personal fantasies and resolves them or sometimes disregards them. He often knows personal abilities and limitations. That person concentrates on a realistic long-term strategy. He always stays alert to present trends and also resists risks that do not fit within defined risk limitations. And above all else, he analyzes situation, observes own reactions and makes.

Which one are you? Do you imagine yourself to be called as gamblers? Or people will say, he’s just a risk taker. We should always be liable for the possibilities. There are only two faces of chances in Casinos also in online casinos: Winning or Losing.

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