Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Are you one of them?

I am watching the fascinating structure from my balcony and still wondering what’s going on inside it. Many questions come across my mind. Yes, I have seen movies with scenes inside a Casino. I’ve also heard a lot of things from my friends. It made them feel good and enjoy life. But still, I can’t argue with them because I have never been in Casinos before. I never experienced having a good time with the pokers and socializing with people from the higher society. I mean higher society because they have enough money to gamble. And so, I read articles and I found out that there are really people addicted in gambling. Some people can’t resist the excitement and fortune they can get. They spend longer periods of time gambling. Others are placing larger and having more frequent bets. There are also people who are very in need financially; they are pinning hope on the “big win.” Various people are going into debt to sustain gambling activities.

A few people are participating in illegal activities to obtain money. Several people missed their work just to have leisure.

If you’re one of these people, there are still achievable actions you can take on to steer clear of obsession to gambling. Before playing, educate yourself on how the game works. Don’t hunt for losses, instead, accept them as a pay out for the leisure. Use only money for your entertainment budget; never borrow money just for gambling. There should be balanced leisure choices over gambling.

Don’t be one of them. Just have fun and be out of harm's way.

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