Friday, January 23, 2009

Nouveau Riche + Education = Real Estate Investors

Nouveau Riche University is one of the world’s leading providers of wide-ranging tools, education, and properties in most modern investment markets. They have partnerships with proven experts which brings and far-reaching knowledge foundation, providing state-of-the-art home-based & academic education, and unending mentoring from leading authorities in real estate.

Many of use desire to pass through the road to riches, Nouveau Riche University students want to own the right of way! To help them in their pursuit, they created an educational and support scheme that is unparalleled. Their simple, time-tested principle for success is… “First you learn, then you earn.” Nouveau Riche students have shown that they take action on what they’ve learn. They don’t just teach real-estate-investing… they create Real Estate Investors.

Putting the spotlight where it should be, their tuition-based colleges put you in the driver's seat of your real estate investment education. That's right - YOU choose the tuition package that meets your needs and begin to learn what you want to learn. Their colleges offer an innovative and uplifting method for achieving your real estate investing goals.

The students have a power of choice. They can select from the courses offered they want to take on the days they want to take them. Working with their Student Advisor in a one-on-one capacity, they will be guided through a system that combines their personal knowledge with preferences to customize their education. They customized their education through a rich and diverse curriculum; created by an extensive research process; designed by outstanding, external consultants and developed by experienced, real estate investors.

At the heart of the curriculum is found a “tried and true,” scientifically-proven, educational practice, known as Instructional System Design (ISD). In simple term, ISD is an instructional strategy, based upon identification of the instructional problem of a learning objective. In other words, ISD helps determine HOW you should learn WHAT you want to learn. Each course has been designed to teach the students “how-to” real estate investment concepts and strategies. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of several short-term and long-term real estate investments strategies. Experience a dynamic education in the midst of like-minded people who share common goals and interests. Students participate in case studies, classroom discussion and role-playing exercises that will aid their information retention. Nouveau Riche will help their students to build their confidence while learning the procedures, concepts and rules of the real estate investment game. Better yet, Nouveau Riche University will support their students as they put their education into ACTION.

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