Thursday, October 2, 2008

Auto Loan

A friend of mine was planning to have gift for his family for his Christmas present this coming December. As I knew this man, he was not a luxurious being. He is a kind of person that buys things which are really important for him and for his family of course. But guess what? He tells me that he wanted to buy a car. For the first time, I heard him wanting to buy a car.

He just want a car with cheep price even it’s not a brand new or a new one, well it does not really matter to him actually.

You know what I gave him? (Just kidding, guess what?) Well, it’s not really money or any thing. It’s only a piece of advice. (Haha! Laugh Out Loud please!). I did just tell him that “you better search the internet for more resources because I can’t give you anything right now. Hahaha… I’m just joking. ”

After that advice, he gave me this link: He really did not tell me what this link is so without any idea about it I did just opened it and found a new site that offers good car loan rate.

Well, yeah, I found it a good site at the same time offering good services too. I think my friend would try this offers.

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