Thursday, October 2, 2008

Easy Payday

After a long day spending time in our choir rehearsal, a friend of mine came by to me. He’s a hard working teacher in a public school for almost 6 years. He teaches in the school where I studied my high school years. It’s quit far from the city. It is surrounded by some trees and green grasses where the cows and goats are spending time with.

Although it’s a public school and the government provides salary for the teachers, the salary is not enough to raise a family in a nice living. The salary is just enough for the everyday basic needs.

Well, we got so far away. (Laugh out loud!!! Lets go back to the our rehearsal setting. ^_^)

He asked me if I can lend him some money for the birthday celebration of his 2 year old daughter. Well, we can not blame him, because he actually prepares money for this celebration but unfortunately, he spent it in much more important things. I just replied “I’m going to check my money first!”.

After searching again, in the internet, (I’m a web surfing addict LOLs!) I found a new site for me. It actually can solve problems like those my friend had. It’s a site where he can get payday loans online easily.

After founding that site, I rushed to the telephone and call him for good news.

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