Friday, October 10, 2008

My sister’s first baby boy

Last week, my sister together with her husband and with my mom and dad rushed to the hospital. It was 9 months then. She’s expectation is to labor the baby in September 25 but it was extended to October 1. We were all cramming in our house as well as the people staying with my sister at the hospital. My sister’s labor was successful. It was a baby boy.

They stayed at the hospital for about 3 days. After that, they drove back home together with them is my baby boy nephew.

All of us in the family where very happy seeing a new family with in ours was created and nothing were against with it.

As I search the internet, I happened to drop by to this site;

The site was offering all the stuffs that our baby needs.

The product that they offer that makes me interested is their Baby Care. It’s what our baby’s day to day hygiene necessities.

Here is an example text I got from their site. It’s from the baby care which I concern most.

Health and Hygiene Buying Guide

Whether your baby loves it or hates it, bathtime and hygiene are necessities. Using flintstone vitamins and tear free soap can make all the difference when dealing with small children. This guide highlights the best (and most important) products for your youngsters health.

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